Creative China !

Bill gates once said that chinese are the most intelligent people in the world. And even I am saying so ( me and bill gates think alike !)
Look at this beauty called "Nokiphone". (Nok-i-phone). Got it?

How many of you know about NOKLA ( Dont misread it as NOKIA)? NOKLA is a company who has mastered in cloning all nokia phone's designs with a chinese touch.

Here is new nokiphone N3000i. Its a combination of nokia N95 and iphone.

This combi-gadget has

  • 32 inch screen

  • Blue-tooth

  • Wi-fi

  • Dual Sim (Thats my favourite feature)

  • It has a dual slider like Nokia N95

I am posting this gadget today becuase I want to admire the way chinese bring their products in market. (fastest "concept to launch" cycle)

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