Dont try to hide from me, I have !

Today you can catch up with all your friends. school mates, college pals, street buddies and remote relatives everybody is within reach. Thanks to social networking!
Social networks like facebook, orkut, linkedIn have succeeded to enter in our lives and now they have become part of lives, sometimes virtual lives.

But still it is much difficult to find your friends and pals on social sites. Sometimes because you fail to find them from millions of users or sometimes because they want to hide or keep away from you.

But your friends don't know that you know about , thanks to "netbhet".
ya, this is a site which helps you to find your friends on any of the social network site. It's simple.
Only thing you have to do is, provide name or email-id of the person you are searching for and lullar will find out where is he/she located in the world of social sites. search for various websites like myspace, multiply, spaces_live, tagged, bebo,zorpia, facebook, orkut to name a few.
It covers almost every social networking site you know on this planet.

Still not convinced about it's utility?

Think of situation where you met a beautiful girl somewhere say in exhibition. Both of you exchanged your cards and then departed.

Now if you think that the girl is truly fascinating and you really want to know about her. Come to You already have her name and email id.
Search for her on lullar and if she is a member of any social network (most of the times answer will be YES) then Whopeee.
Now you know almost everything about her. Her birthday, hobbies, friends, communities, social interests everything.
Got it?
So friends go and visit and start searching for your hidden friends.
Good luck!
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