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Finally I found an application for my long pending problem. Problem of sharing my files quickly.

I found an amazing web app known as

Whenever we have to share a file on internet, Traditional way of sharing files over internet was an e-mail with attachments. But it takes lot of time to first upload it, then scan it and then send it. Moreover file size and delay in file transfer because of size were common problems.

The other way to do it was to upload it on FTP or a various file sharing websites and then sending a link. Though this has solved a problem of file size but it takes hell lot of time in uploading a document. And it asks for registration and all (sometimes to both parties).

But friends, Jetbytes is a killer application. All those problems are gone now, thanks to Jetbytes.

How it works?

2. Browse to the file you want to send.

3. Jetbytes will immediately generate a web link. (Within 1-2 seconds)

4. Copy and send this link to the person at recieving end through email.

5. the person recieving your mail will have to click on this link and the file will start downloading on his/her computer.

Why I like this application -

1. It's free

2. It's Fast (generates link within 1-2 seconds)

3. No registration or log-in required.

4. Simple and easy to use.

What more one can ask for free.
Note -

1. The link generated by jetbytes is a temporary link and will vanish with one click. The same link can not be forwarded to multiple recievers.

2. Don't click on the link urself.
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