Gmail labs - My favourite features

No one think like Google. I bet no one can.

We are using emails for years now. And we thought email clients we are using are simply awesome (?).

Now just have a look here at new Gmail lab features. And then you will exclaim " Oh , I always wanted that feature"
Friends that's beauty of Gmail.

1. Forgotten Attachment Detector -

Many of us have experienced the embarrassment of having sent a message without attaching the file we said we were going to attach. Turn on the Forgotten Attachment Detector in Labs, and you'll get an alert if you mention attaching a file but forget to do so..

2. Email addict -

Fir those who spend hours writing and replying emails.Take a break.
Now instead of your MOM , Gmail will remind you to do so.
Gmail can help you get some down-time by forcing a break. Acknowledge your addiction by enabling ‘Email Addict’ in Labs. You can specify how often your screen will freeze up and tell you to get up and take five.

3. Undo send (This one is awesome!)

Oops, hit "Send" too soon? Stop messages from being sent for a few seconds after hitting the send button.
Immediately after pressing the send button we say Oops! Now dont worry.
Enable this feature in gmail > settings > Labs and your mail shall wait for you to stop it for 5 seconds after you asked it to Go.

Hats of to those who are brains behind these simple ideas.Now this is making life easy in true sense.

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