Good to see a good face of IPL !

Under privileged schools in all major centres where DLF IPL matches are being played are set to receive a 1 000 tickets per game on a first come, first served basis.

The schools can then sell these tickets on to their learners for R20.00. All funds raised are kept by the school, to be used for relevant educational needs.For every one ticket bought from the school, the purchaser will then receive another two tickets free.

The offer is an extension of the DLF IPL's HEAT project, a R8-million scholarship programme for schools and individual learners that is among the largest community programmes in South Africa by a sport organisation.

In the first part of the HEAT programme, schools in need in the vicinity of each host city have been identified to receive R100 000 for a specifically dedicated scholarship fund.

Thirty schools will benefit from this aspect of the HEAT programme. Alexander Sinton High School in the Cape Town suburb of Athlone last week became the first school to receive the R100 000.

Parents and school governing bodies will be encouraged to participate in decisions on how to allocate scholarships.

The second part of the HEAT programme will benefit individual learners attending DLF IPL matches.Five learners will be identified at every match and their faces flashed on the stadium screens. Each of these will have R15 000 paid into their school fees account in their names.

Good to see a good face of IPL !
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