Google India Elections Center !

Friends, Google uncle very well knows the power of information. And now Google uncle better knows the means of using the information.

This time Google has launched the Google India Elections Center for the upcoming General election (April 16 and end May 13). Google India has partnered with Hindustan Times to help voters to prepare for worlds largest democratic event.

The online election center will offer information to the voters about their constituency and the candidates.

The Google India elections center is available at - in English and Hindi. in English in Hindi.

These amazing websites helps voters to confirm their voter registration status, find their polling location and view their constituency on a google map. It doesn't stop there but also provides valuable information in the form of "Developement data" of all constituencies. It talks about the key parameters like total population, crime rates, crime against women, infant mortality rate, percentage of people below poverty line etc.

One can also search for their voter registration and polling booth details..

These sites provide election-related news, blogs, videos, quotations . Voters can also learn about the background of their Member of Parliament and this year’s candidate.

This is in true sense called as voter empowerment.
So please JAAGO RE !
Vote for our own India.

Take charge of your own destiny, or someone else will ! - Jack Welch.

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