Happy Birthday To you- Gmail !

Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you dear Gmail
happy birthday to you.

yes friends worlds best email service is now five years young. The email which changed the way people communicate. Truly a service which we all cant even think of leaving without.

Guys, just try and remember the good old days when having an email id was prestigious. When sending,storing and saving mails was crime.When deleting mails from inbox was a weekly ritual. shocked?
I cant even imagine. Thanks to Google uncle and their elder kid gmail.

I take this opportunity to list features which makes gmail the best service in the universe -

1. I still dont know whether the option of "delete" mail is available in gmail, thanks to the huge 1GB of mail storage.

2. You can send a mail with attachment as big as 20 MB at a time. ooooooooooh 20 MB was the total storage available for email accounts, once upon a time.

3. Ultimate email experience — like search, labels, conversation view, strong spam protection

4. The Google does not stop here. They keep on improving , adding features, user utilities , themes it simply is unstoppable.

5. 43 experimental features including tasks, offline,undo send,and even chat, video chat

6. What started as internal email for Google employees is now used by more than a million companies and tens of millions of people in 52 languages.

7. Good new for indian users. Now google lets you write mail in five different Indic languages.

I will soon take out some time and once list all features available with Gmail. Till then my friends wish the gmail a very happy birthday and wish them a brigher and longer life.

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