How to use T9 Dictionary in mobile

SMS has uprose as the best method of communication this days. short, fast and apt. SMS really has become a handy tool. many times just for fun we test (Forwards) messages to friends (and girl friends too). While doing this we all face one difficulty. It is tedious to type SMS with the small keypad with one finger, which results in acheing of thumb. Our todays tip guides us on how to start type messages fast using an inbuilt function in any mobile, called T9 dictionary.

Every mobile today has this great function called T9. You can find it in messages > settings menu in your mobile phone. So first go to settings and enable T9 dictionary.

If you are using Nokia mobiles (6 out of 10 people must be using nokia phone, here in India), go to new messages. And press # but till you find something like "=abc" or " =Abc" wriiten on the top rightside of the mobile screen. Once you activate T9 , half the work is done.

Now before moving ahead on how to use T9, first let us have a look at how we type SMS in conventional way -

With each number key 3-4 letters are written on mobile keypad. And we have to keep on pressing button till we get any one of those 3 or 4 letters on screen. For simplicity let's call them as "Number groups.Like

2 = abc

3 = def

4 = ghi

5 = jkl

6 = mno

7 = pqrs

8 = tuv

9 = wxyz

so number group 9 contains letters WXYZ and number group 8 contains letters TUV in it.

Now if we have to type the word say, "enjoy". Then in conventional way we have to type like this -

e = 33

n = 66

j = 5

o = 666

y = 999

It means in order to type this 5 letter word we have to actually press keys for 11 times. But with T9 dictionary we have to press only . To use T9 dictionary only press the number to which the desired letter belongs to. (You may not see the same letter on screen, it's ok.Don't let yourself confuse because of that.)

Now if you have to type the same word "enjoy" with T9 , it will look like this -

e = 3

n = 6

j = 5

o = 6

y = 9

As we keep on pressing keys, T9 search for the right word from it's database. And displays the possible word on screen.

It's easy to use, it's free and it really save a lot of your time.

So friends, enjoy texting faster than a train. Use T9 dictionary.

(Note - This dictionary feature works only for English language and not any other language,

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