Nothing can stop you from chatting - !

We all like chatting and we keep on chatting, be it on phone,sms or messengers. Messengers are the most popular medium for chatting.

But it eats up lot of quality time (all employer's thinks so!) and employees (not you, some of your colleagues !) spends their 8 hours in gossiping about the boss and babes in office.

And that's why most of the offices blocks popular messaging applications like Yahoo messenger, Gtalk and MSN messenger.

Friends, Don't worry. Now nothing can stop us from chatting (even during office hours!) , thanks to

  • Meebo is a free online application that offers instant messaging service through multiple instant messaging platforms.

  • It can be accessed anywhere either from a public computer or on a mobile phone.

  • Users can connect to Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, and MSN Messenger.All in one.

  • Meebo automatically saves your message history (No need to remember your lies during chatting)

  • Meebo doesn’t require registration.

  • But a registered user can access by single sign-on for all IM accounts, save chat logs, store conversations and add icons and skins.

Visit and let us know your feedback on the application.

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