Amazing Amazon !

In last few months has became one of my favourite website. Though I don't visit this site everyday (As I do for or !), but landing on this site once a while is always a pleasant experience.

On sunday, I was just surfing through my favourites and I happened to see this beautiful presentation named "Amazing amazon".

It's about Amazon, world's largest tropical rainforest. Full of life and biodiversity.

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This amazing presentation of 56 slides by Glaucia Peres was also a contestant for "World's best presentation 2008".

I like this presentation for the photos, facts and the most important "message".

Facts like - "Only 10% of species in the Amazon are known to us" and " Amazon has 10 times more species of fishes than the entire Europe" really amazes me.

But what really appeals and at the same times disturbs me is the fact that, "In 2007, Amazon lost 46 sq. km per day of it's forest cover. It is equivalent to 7 soccer fields per minute"

Read. Think and Act.
It's time to preserve our life. It's time to preserve our Earth.

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