Backup Your Gmail account with Gmail Backup

We use Gmail widely because of it's great features. And while doing this we end up keeping all important documents are on Gmail. So isn't it a good idea to keep backup of of emails on gmail !

Now we all trust that Google servers are never going to let us down but my friends why take a chance when you have a option in hand?

Here i am introducing you to Gmail Backup, a freeware which can help you to take backup of all your emails on your computer.
Gmail backup is a freeware which you can doenload form here. After downloading insatll it iyour computer.

After launching the application a "Gmail backup" window will appear on screen.

  1. Give your email id ( and password. (Don't worry, it will not save your password)

  2. Select the backup folder where you will like to save your mails.

  3. Select period. (Since date and before date)

  4. Click on "Backup" button.
The email messages downloaded will be stored in a local directory in following format.

You can use your email client (Outlook express/ microsoft outlook/ thunderbird) to open the downloaded emails. With Gmail backup all attachments are also gets downloaded along with mails.

So you can save all important email communications in any of your folder.
(Note - If you are using the Gmail Labs, please make sure that you have enabled the IMAP access into the All Mails folder. You can check this in the Settings/Labels page of your Gmail account. Otherwise, Gmail Backup will tell you, that you are using "Unsupported language of Gmail"!)

Now you will ask me that email is supposed to be a private affair. How can it be left open on PC for others to read?
Friends, Here is a solution. You can lock the folder with a paasword. And then can go to sleep with complete pease of mind.
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