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we all love to have colorful and bright desktop wallpapers. A wallpaper not only is soothing to the eyes but it actually is a reflection of user's personna. And that's why we like to have our own snap, a good picture or an image with some motivational lines as our desktop.

But the problem is, within few minutes of starting the PC our homepage replaces the desktop wallpaper. (And most of us have a clean white Google as homepage!). Hence today I am introducing you to a site which helps us to merge both google search page and our favourite picture. It is

Groovle is a easy to use website. And I liked it a lot but for some other reason. I will tell you about it soon but before that let's have alook at Groovle. does not ask for any log-in or registration. You can simple hit the main page. On the main page options of "Browse" and "upload" ar given. You can browse to the location of your favorite picture in the directory and then upload it. Using this option you can convert that image in to a custom search engine.

Groovle offers one more alternative to users. You can select from pictures available on Groovle's website.They have catagorised pictures in four variants - Nature, Animals, space and celebrities. Image quality of pictures is quite impressive. Select any of the image and easily convert it into a google search page.

You can also email link of your new homepage to you and your friends. And the search results obtained are exactly same as obtained by searching So you need not worry on that front too.

Have a look at searchpages created by me. ( Shivaji maharaj's pic is from my comp and the Tiger's pic is from

I hope you must have find it much interesting.

Now I will tell you the real reason why I liked this website. There is an intelligent business idea behind this simple and easy looking website. makes use of Google's custome search option.Custom search means one can display a "Google custom search box" on his/her website. And when people use this search box for searching anything on the net , Google pays to the siteowner. makes money using this idea. Once you create a searchpage and makes it your homepage, then will get paid for all future searches through that page. Is'nt it a brilliant idea!

There is one more site which uses Google custom search in an innovative manner. Any guesses?
Keep guessing, I will tell you about it in my next article.

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