Download youtube videos in a simplest and safest way

Youtube is the biggest knowledge and entertainment resource on the internet arena. The quality and variety of the content offered by is simply amazing.

But a big problem with this site is it do not allow people to download the videos/clips for offline access. People in US might not even need it but here in India waiting for buffering of clips is really painful.

So friends, today I am going to tell you about a simple trick to solve this problem. I know you will thank me for this for years.

The movement you hit Google with a search query for downloading youtube videos, a host of web services claiming easy youtube downloads will appear in front of you. I am not saying that they don’t work or are not useful.

But my today’s tip is simplest and safest way of downloading youtube videos.

5 Simple steps –

1. Go to

2. Start the video or clip you want to download

3. check the address bar – you may find a URL of the clip, something like this -

4. Simply add a word “snips” in front of youtube in the address. Now it will look like this -

5. Press enter.

That’s all.
You will be redirected to and following options for downloading will be offered –

- FLV Download
- 3gp Download
- MP4 High Quality Download
- HD - High Definition 720p

Click on your favorite format for downloading clips and Njoy !
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