Key board short cuts - Part 2

Friends, I am sure you must have found my last article on "key board short cuts" very useful and informative too. Today we are going to talk about some more advance keyboard shortcuts which will help us to navigate through desktop functions.

To select icon or file after starting your PC -

  • Shift + first letter of the file you want to select.
Example - If you want to select "My Computer" then type shift + m. If you have more than one file starting with the letter m then you can keep the shift button pressed and keep on pressing m till you reach to the desired file.

  • Another way to do it is by using Ctrl + ↓ or Ctrl + ↑ once and then reach to the desired file by using navigation arrows.

  • One more way of doing this is to use page up/page down buttons.

  • Fourth way (and last one known to me!) of doing this is using Ctrl + Tab (More detailed explaination ahead)

To select Start menu , use windows key or Cntl + Esc.
To search a file or folder on your computer use function key no.F3
To rename a file or folder use function key F2

You will find some small icons on the toolbar at the bottom of your screen. This is known as "Quick launch bar". For selecting icons on Quick launch bar, use Ctrl + Tab.

--> Ctrl + Tab when pressed once - select Start menu
--> Ctrl + Tab when pressed twice - First icon on quick launch bar will be selected.
--> Ctrl + Tab when pressed thrice - Any one file/icon on file will be selected.

In the next article of this series, we shall tallk about very important and handy Excel tools.
Till that time get conversant with the short cuts we learned today.
Try using this tips and then impress people around you like a "Pro"
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