Schedule blog posts as per your convenience.

The success of any blog is directly proportional to the frequence of blog posts. We all bloggers always like to publish posts almost everyday. But it's not always possible to spare time for blogging.

Friends, don't be disappointed. "Blogger" allows us to remain present all the time on blogging skyline with the help of "Schedule post" feature.

If you like to write a post now and have it automatically published at some time in the future you can use this feature. So now make the most of your spare time. On weekends write blog posts and publish them one per day in a desired sequence.
So how's the idea? sounding good?

Publishing a post in the future -

Step 1 - In the post editor on your blog ( , click on "post options" link. You will find it in the left hand bottom side of the post editor.

Step 2 - You will find the Date and Time fields. Enter a post date and time you want to publish the article.

Step 3 - Now draft your blog post and then click the “Publish” button to schedule the post. That's it. Now when the date and time of the post arrive, your post will be automatically published to your blog.

So guys now nothing can stop you from blogging !

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