Simple + Google = Soople

In my last article about , I had asked about a website which uses Google custom search in an innovative way for revenue generation.

Today I am going to tell you about two websites which uses Google custom search in an innovative way.
The sites are -

There offering is more or less same. They simplyfy google search for us. You need to actually exprience them to believe them.
The simple idea is this two sites breaks the google search in different catagories.
My personal favourite is allow us to search in books, movies, music, videos on one single page.
It also offerss following different search options on one page -
-Normal search with GoogleSearch
-the full text of books
-Search in multiple sites at once
-Search within one site
-Filter search for filetype (Word, excel,pdf,PPT)
-Search in language/country
-Search scholarly papers
-Phonebook (US)
-Look who's linking to your site
This makes life really easy.
Hence the equation - simple + Google = soople.
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