Use keyboard short-cuts to improve productivity

For all newbie's of computers mouse is very helpful. But as you go along on the path to be a "Pro" in computer operations, more and more use of keyboard is desired. It helps you speed up your work.

Here on NetBhet, I am going to tell you about certain key board shortcuts. Because I do not only want my readers to be computer literate but I want them to be experts.

  • Many times we have to simaltanously work on multiple windows. It takes hell lot of a time for navigating through different windows by using mouse. Instead if you will use "Alt+Tab" keys to navigate through multiple windows, you will process faster than using mouse. Keep Alt button pressed and then keep on pressing Tab to reach to desireed window.

  • If you wish to quickly close the program running on screen, simply press "Alt + F4". It will close the program immidiatly.

  • And If you want to quickly minimise the window then use "Alt + space + N"

Also sometimes you may have to hide the screen you are working on from other members moving around. If you are working on something very personal or something confedential then you can either make use of "Alt + Tab" or "Windows key+M".

  • "windows key + M" will immidiatly minimize all windows and show desktop. You can also use "windows key + D" to get the same result.

  • Also to undo this minimize action press "Windows key+Shift+M". This will reopen all minimized windows.

I hope you will find this key board shortcuts info much useful in your day to day computer operating.

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