How to hide navigation bar on Blogger?

On your blogger (Blogspot) blog, you will find one horizontal bar. It is used by Google to show blogger logo, search box for you blog and a link for going to any random blog on blogger.
This bar is known as "Navigation Bar".
Today we are going to look at one simple trick to hide this Navigation Bar.

Actually this navigation bar is not harmful in any way, infact it provides an utility of a search box. But still many bloggers don't like to show up this Bar. The main reason I guess is, it's link for navigating to any random blog on The navigation bar tempts the reader to go towards a new blog.

How to hide navigation bar on Blogger?

1. Login to you account

2. Click on layout as shown in an image below.

3. Now click on the tab "Edit HTML"

4. Here you will find an html code for your blog's template. (Don't worry, it's simple). Now copy the code snippet below and paste it in the template. You can paste the code anywhere in template but it's better to paste it between <> and < /head> .

navbar {height: 0px;visibility: hidden;display: none;}

Now save template and check your blog!
The navigation bar must have vanished from there.

Note -
1. According Google's terms and condition removing navigation bar from blogger's blog is not allowed.
2. Please download the template before making any changes to the template code.

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