In Kenya even Elephants send SMS !

Success of any new technology largely depends on it's execution and practical implementation. I just happened to read one article on a use of telecommunication for a real practical solution.

Kenya is a country known for it's wildlife. Kenyan forest department has found an application of GPS and mobile telecommunication and internet technologies in keeping the elephants away from human population. You will be surprised to know that elephants do texting to forest officials.

To Save the Elephants group in Kenya they placed a mobile phone SIM card in the elephant’s collar and set up a virtual “geofence” using a global positioning system that mirrored the conservatory’s boundaries. Whenever the elephant approaches the virtual fence, his collar sends text messages to the rangers.

The rangers then track elephants through Google Earth software, which helps them to locate elephants and conserve the corridors they use to move from one protected area to another. This tracking also helps prevent poaching, as rangers know where to deploy resources to guard valuable animals.

This system helps to keep elephants away from human population and saves crop raiding.They say that elephants, like teenagers, learn from each other, so tracking and controlling one habitual crop raider can make a whole group change its habits.

This is one of the best example of how technology can be used for betterment of life.
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