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We communicate on internet in many different ways. We use emails, pictures, slideshows, messengers, podcasts, movie clips and so on. The list is never ending. But inspite of all this tools at help, have you ever felt a need of a pen and paper? Have you ever thought about how easy it would be to explain things , if you could draw something on paper and show it to the person on the other end?
If you ever felt the need of PEN and PAPER while communicating on internet, then this article is for you.

I came across one unique way of communication on internet. It is a webservice that becomes your pen and paper on internet. I am talking about sketchcast.com

Sketchcast.com is a tool that allows you to draw and record what you’re drawing, with the idea that the visualizations can help you communicate your ideas. And watching someone draw does help everyone else see and understand their thought process.

You need to see one or create one if you have to believ it.
Go to sketchcast.com, create your account for free and start drawing your imagination with your mouse.

I created my account here and created few drawings. Check them out.

And if you are not much impressed with my work. Then here is a great piece of art by one of the member of sketchcast.com (http://sketchcast.com/channel/Kreed/)

With this help of this tool, I entertained my 3 year old niece for hours. I used to start drawing a shape and she tried to recognize that shape. Even she likes it a lot.
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