Yes! we can save the Planet !

5th June is observed as world environment day.

I won't write anything about it. I will let this three powerful presentations do all the talking.
What I am going to do is "ACT"
Yes, It's time to Act
It's time to Save
It's time to Conserve
It's time to Stop
It's time to give back !

Yes! You can save the planet! - Presentation Transcript

  1. Me

  2. I do my best to save the Planet

  3. I dream of a nice … … electrical car

  4. But in town …

  5. I prefer my lovely tramway

  6. Or use my nice bicycle

  7. I like to walk also

  8. I have a house with solar panels

  9. And I don’t forget to turn the lights off

  10. I use water with moderation

  11. More than 50% of cereal harvests serve to feed livestock

  12. So I try to eat less and less meat

  13. I give some money to replant forest

  14. I consume local

  15. I recycle my cans as I can

  16. It is not enough or it is too late you think

  17. Turn down Switch off Recycle Walk

  18. Do it the same, every one can save the planet

  19. And my son will thank us

  20. Designed by Philippe Châtel

  21. Credits

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