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My friends who are regular readers of Netbhet (Because they have subscribed !) always push me for writing something on the lighter side. Actually I am not a writer at heart hence I always feel that writing such lighter content is not my cup of tea. But to honor my friend's request I have decided to attempt. And that's why today's topic is "Fun with Google"

1. Write your name (Or blog's heading as I did !) in Google typo style -

Go to

Type your NAME or the text that you want to Googlaise.

Hit "Creat Logo"

Click on "Download logo" link.

2. Create a Google homepage with your name.

Go to

Click on "change logo"Write your name or any text and hit enter. Now a Google homepage with your name will be displayed.

Click on "make this homepage" as shown in image.

3. Magic with Google

Go to .

This page looks exactly like Google.

Show the screen to your friends.

Now hide two 'O's in the Google logo with your fingers and click once anywhere on the page.

Wait a bit and remove your fingers.

Your friends will be surprised to see that two "O"s are missing from the logo.

Now ask your friend to keep fingers on missing "O"sAgain click once anywhere on the page.

After your friend removes the fingers, the logo will be complete again.

A third click, by the way, will change the page to an actual Google homepage. Your friend's can only keep on guessing what happened to the logo.

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