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Youtube has always been a greatest resource of knowledge and entertainment on internet. But this great site also comes with some pro's and con's. Though the stuff on Youtube is useful and appealing to all ages, this sometimes can be a cause of concern while children are surfing through Youtube videos.

Youtube provide no way to filter anything that may be inappropriate for kids and they provide very limited tools to find what is appropriate and relevant.

This is where our todays web application 'Totlol' steps in.

In their own words,

Totlol is specifically designed to handle the classic dilemma of online children content - how to block the "bad stuff" while not limiting the ability to find the and enjoy the "good stuff".

All videos available at Totlol are intended to be enjoyed by kids. At the same time Totlol filters the "bad videos" it also eliminates most of the frustration involved in looking for "good videos". Parents and kids can thus focus on "how interesting" instead of "if relevant" and on "how likable" instead of "is appropriate".

Totlol uses Parent's themselves to solve parent's problems. Totlol encourages parent participation and community moderation. Parents can access all videos available on Youtube, and if they come across some thing that will be 'Good' for kids (aged between 3 to 13), they can submitt such videos on totlol. These videos are then screen and approved by a community of other 'Parent' members.

Totlol thus creates an environment in which parents and kids can safely and easily enjoy all that is good about online video without worrying about all that is not.

Other features -

  • Users can play collections continuously just like they would play a DVD. This way kids can watch without close supervision and without touching the mouse/keyboard.

  • Registered users can use a resizable player with three size options that also determine how much other information is on screen with the player.

  • When viewing videos, registered users are presented with a list of collections to which the video belong. They can switch with one click from viewing a single video to viewing the collection to which it belongs.

  • Registered users have a set of personalization options that include a list of favorite videos, a list of subscribed collections and setting a default language.

  • parents can also build their own "Block List", if there is something specific they do not want their children viewing or change the interface color if they so desire.

Parental Tools

  • Registered users have access to a Parent Lock that "locks" out all participation features and all outgoing links. Using this option parents can let older kids use Totlol without close supervision and with no "off limits" temptations.

  • Advanced Options let parents decide what interface features are accessible when the Parent Lock is activated and how video blocking is performed.

And last, but not least, Totlol's AgeOptimizer algorithmically optimizes the site to a requested age group.

Finally a safe website for your children is here. So Parents Go visit and do lot of TOTLOT with your kids.

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