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Internet has lot of things to offer. The bookmark list in your internet explorer's Favourite's folder list may be endless. But in reallity there are only handful of sites that we use or track on daily basis.Like for example, Google, Gmail,Orkut, Yahoo, (and Netbhet!) .

These are the sites that you may use everyday and may be multiple times in a day. So why take a pain of typing a full domain name of a site and waste your precious time.

Here is a trick to create a custom keyboard shortcut to open a favorite website link in Internet Explorer.

Step 1 - Add the websites that you regularaly use in favourites folder of IE.

(You can do so by using a keyboard shortcut 'ctrl+D' when the webpage is open.)

Step 2 - Now go to the 'favourites' tab and select the webpage that you want to create shortcut.

Step 3 - Right click on thelink selected and click on 'Properties'. A New window will open as shown in picture.

Step 4 - Go to the 'Web Document' Tab.

Step 5 - Replace 'None' in your desired shortcut key in the 'short key' field.

Step 6 -Click on Apply and OK.

Note -

1. You have to just type the desired letter , it will automatically prefix 'ctrl+Alt+' to create a shortcut key.

2. You can also use function keys (F1-F12) but I will suggest not to use function keys because some kind of functinality is already allocated on all function keys.

For example -

Netbhet -- ctrl+Alt+N

Google -- ctrl+Alt+G

Gmail -- ctrl+Alt+M

Yahoo -- ctrl+Alt+Y

Now start accessing your favourite webpages at a lightening speed !

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