How to extract text from images for free.

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Have you ever felt a need of extracting text from an image? If the answer is YES (I know it is "Yes" for most of computer users), then here is a free solution for you. is a free online service to extract text from images for FREE. This free service is extremely simple to use.

  1. Upload the image from which the text is to be extracted. (It supports PDF, GIF, JPG, BMP and TIFF file format - Max 2 MB)

  2. Select the language of the document (to improve recognition of language specific letter variants.)

  3. Hit "send file" button.

About this service

OCR stands for Optical character recognition. OCR software enables you to extract text from an image and convert it into an editable text document. If you need the text from an image you don't have to sit and type in the whole text. Just scan the text and then use our OCR tool to convert it into editable text.

There are many OCR software available though, most of them have more features but, you have to install them and they are commercial and costly. It doesn’t make much sense to spend so much money on it if you’d be using it once in a bluemoon.

But don't forget that you'll want to do a sanity check on that text that's returned to you, since there are a lot of complications that can come up in the recognition and translation process. But proofreading your text is a lot faster—and easier—than having to type it all in, one character at a time.

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