How to send free fax online?

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Free fax lets you send a fax to virtually anywhere in the world at zero cost to you. and their sister site is powered by the international tpc network which is a collection of fax servers in many locations around the world.

The network is entirely supported by advertising. That's why they are able to offer free fax services to anyone with a computer connected to the Internet.

Each fax that you send from freeFAX is routed through the tpc service and directed to the closest fax server to the recipient. The fax is usually sent within a few minutes but could take longer depending on fax traffic at the local fax server. After your fax has been delivered you will receive an e-mail confirmation from the server that sent the fax.

There is no limitation in number of fax pages , but the front page will contain advertisements . freeFAx sets a virtual fax number to each account holder , so that they will be able to receive incoming fax messages on their email .

The fax recipient will receive a cover sheet which contains a third of a page advertisement along with sender and recipient information. Again, this ad helps to support the free fax service.

New free member services and commercial facilities will be introduced over the coming months following the successful launch of freeFAX.

Visit freefax today and take a step towards making your office paperless.

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