The Anonymous Way to Send a Helpful Message !

[ ENGLISH ]....... is a way of communicating difficult thoughts comfortably.

This free service gives users the ability to say something to someone that has been on their minds in a safe, non-embarrassing environment.

Users can simply visit the site, pick a statement from a wide variety of pre-written “thought bubbles,” and send that message to a friend, acquaintance, or relative’s email address.

This site is meant to be a constructive critic on a wide variety of potentially-uncomfortable issues. The person being “NiceCritic’d” then has the opportunity to reflect on the message received, choosing to take the suggestion or dismiss it.

Users are requested to use this site in the constructive manner for which it is intended. This site is meant to be polite, constructive, and fun. This site is NOT meant to make anyone feel uncomfortable.
Here’s how it works:

  1. You choose a category, such as personal hygiene or office behavior
  2. Choose a pre-written thought in that category
  3. and send the message to the person’s email.

Given that it’s a generic message, this could soften the blow than if you provide details about a person’s faults. It’s doubtful that a message sent from Nice Critic will be regarded as particularly “nice” but it may get your point across without the awkwardness of direct communication

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