Take a full screenshot of a webpage.

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Easiest way to take a full screenshot of a webpage.
Do you want to capture a full screenshot of a web page without installing any software?
This is how you can grab a full screenshot of a website - .
1. Go to aviary.com
2. Click on screen capture button.

3. Enter URL of the desired webpage

4. Click on Capture
5. Now you can see a full screenshot of the webpage on your screen.
6. With the help of tools available on left sidebar , you can edit,select, highlight or add annotation by using type tool.

7. On the top navigation bar, click on "Save to desktop".

A shortcut method -
Open the web page that you want to capture, go to the address bar of the browser and type "aviary.com/" just before the http:// part of the URL.
For example, if your web address is something like http://www.netbhet.com/, the new URL will become aviary.com/http://www.netbhet.com – hit Enter and there you have an editable screenshot image of that page.
Click here for a firefox extention for aviary.com's screen capture tool

Note - You need not login for using this service. Avairy.com also provide for hosting your screenshot for free but you have to register yourself for using the facility.

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