"2 States" by Chetan Bhagat

'2 States' is a very engaging love story of Krish and Ananya, nicely knit with anecdotes and realities of life. Alike his previous 3 books; 'Five Point Someone', 'One Night At Call Centre' & 'Three Mistakes Of My Life', this book also continues the legacy of Chetal Bhagat's usage of simple language and flambuoyant writing style to keep readers glued to the book till the end. Krish is a Punjabi lad. He is an IIT graduate who pursues his PG from IIM- A before joining Citi Bank. His mother is a typical Punjabi woman fascinated by the glamourous aspects of life and attracted towards the lavish lifestyle of super rich Delhites. The amount of dowry and the kind of costly gifts her son would get when he will start looking out for brides are her parameters to measure his worth. She is a loving and caring woman when it comes to her son and her clan but at the same time arrogant and cuning while dealing with Ananya and her family. On the other hand Krish's dad is a retired army person and a unsuccessful businessman. Post retirement he fails in almost all the business ventures he undertakes. He is a displined person but very rude, arrogant and inhuman. He is the villian of the family who turns out to be the real hero at the end. The father - son relation is nicely depicted except for an instance where Krish actually hits his father. Ananya is a Tamil Brahmin hailing from Chennai. Having a background in Economics, she too joins IIM - A. She comes from very traditional family background with all her education and upbringing in Chennai. She returns to Chennai after completing her PG and getting placed in HLL. Her mother's love for music and her efforts to be a good singer some day is neatly put forward. Her father is a consevative Tamil Brahmin who feels that having a drink or two is an unmentionable act in front of his family and friends. She has a yonger brother who is totally immersed in books for almost all the time he is awake. His burning desire to be in IIT gives Krish a platform for building a rapport and have camaraderie with Ananya's family. '2 States' starts with meeting of Krish and Ananya in IIM over lunch. They become good friends and fall in love within no time. I think here the things should had been paced out better. It feels a bit unrealistic to be so close and being in love with each other so quickly. The happy and enjoyable journey of Krish and Ananya at IIM comes to an end as 2 years of IIM fly quickly and they get placed with the jobs which they were looking for. Krish asks for Chennai as location for his job and realises he is caught in a wrong place the moment he hits Chennai. The chemistry & the intimacy built between the 2 individuals is nicely described. The way Chetan Bhagat has described about the hard times the 2 go through in their first few unsuccesful attempts to bring families together is awesome. The difficulties which Krish goes through on his few months stay at Chennai to impress his in - laws keeps you hooked to the book. There are few anecdotes where Ananya impresses Krish's mother and her clan but still all her attempts go in vain for getting the final 'YES' from Krish's mother. Ananya has to go through a painful experience of taunts and inferior comments about her religion before Krish's family accepts her. As it is always with Indian context this book too has a happy ending. Chetan Bhagat's detailing about different situations, the characters , their expressions on each situation, the behaviourial pattern of people from different religion, the trends followed in different regions, the rituals etc. is commendable. The tone of the book right from the beginning to the end brings out the essence of the situation and the mood of the characters in each situation starkly. Though there are few unrealistic situations '2 States' is a good read. Wit, fun, pun, humour, intimacy, one liners, drama.........If this is what you love to read...........please buy your own copy of '2 States' today...........
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"2 States" by Chetan Bhagat "2 States" by Chetan Bhagat Reviewed by Pranav Joshi on 20:45 Rating: 5

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